JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

Receiving a Blood Transfusion (audio version)

Click on the image below to hear the audio version of receiving a Blood Transfusion.

The different sections of this recording appear at the following times (mins/secs):

  • 00:01  Introduction
  • 01:22  Why might I need a transfusion
  • 03:32  Is a blood transfusion the only option
  • 05:03  What can I do before an operation to reduce the need for a blood transfusion
  • 06:02  How will my blood transfusion be given and how will I feel
  • 07:04  Risks associated with blood transfusion
  • 12:13  Can I donate my blood for my child or relative
  • 12:30  Concerns specific to you
  • 13:45  Duty of candour
  • 14:19  Contact us