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5th edition : January 2014

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Purpose of the handbook:

The purpose of this handbook is to help the many staff involved in providing and using blood products to make sure that the right blood product is given to the right patient at the right time. Among those who must cooperate to achieve this are:

  • clinical staff who assess the patient and prescribe and order the blood product
  • laboratory or pharmacy staff who receive the order and prepare the product
  • porters and transport staff who collect and deliver samples to the blood bank and deliver blood to the patient
  • nurses and other clinicians who ensure that blood is administered correctly and who observe the patient during and after the transfusion
  • phlebotomists and others who obtain and send pre-transfusion samples
  • telephone operators who have to make vital contacts in an emergency.

The website has sections with the key information for these groups of staff.

User input

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