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Transfusion Practice

Welcome to the Transfusion Practice Website

The purpose of the site is to provide a comprehensive repository of information relating to all aspects of transfusion practice, developed and reviewed by specialists in the field and offering easy links to current related published works and articles.

The basis for the updated site is the previous 'Better Blood Transfusion Toolkit' which was initially established to support the implementation of the Health Service Circulars published by the Department of Health in 1998, 2002 and 2007. The new Transfusion Practice site will present the information in a more systematic way which moves away from the previous structure determined by the headings of the Health Service Circulars and rather, addresses the various key stages of the transfusion process.

There is a need to update and revise much of the information held on the old site, and to develop new content for areas not previously covered.  It is hoped this work will be completed over the next few months, with sections being uploaded as they are complete. Should you be interested in contributing to this work please do contact us for further information.

Karen Shreeve, Toolkit Working Group Chair

Ann Benton, Toolkit Editorial Board Chair