JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

5.2: Information to be obtained from donors by Blood Establishments at every donation

5.2.1: Donor identification

Donors must positively identify themselves by volunteering their name, date of birth and permanent address. The identity of the donor must be recorded and linked to the donation record.

5.2.2: Health and medical history of the donor

Health and medical history, provided on a questionnaire and through a confidential personal interview performed by a qualified health professional, must be assessed. This will include relevant factors that may assist in identifying and screening out persons whose donation could present a health risk to others, such as the possibility of transmitting diseases, or health risks to themselves. Donors must be selected in accordance with the current JPAC Donor Selection Guidelines2 which form a constituent part of Chapter 3.

5.2.3: Signature of the donor

The donor must sign the donor questionnaire. This must then be countersigned by the qualified health professional responsible for obtaining the health history confirming that the donor has:

  • read and understood the educational materials provided
  • had an opportunity to ask questions
  • been provided with satisfactory responses to any questions asked
  • given informed consent to proceed with the donation process (see Chapter 3)
  • been informed, in the case of autologous donations, that the donated blood and blood components may not be sufficient for the intended transfusion requirements
  • acknowledged that all the information provided by the donor is true to the best of their knowledge.