JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

3.6: Frequency of donation

3.6.1: Whole blood

An interval of 16 weeks between donations of whole blood is reasonable. The minimum interval is 12 weeks. Normally, no more than three donations should be collected from a female donor and four from a male donor during any 12-month period.

3.6.2: Plasma and plateletpheresis

A donor should not undergo a total of more than 24 plasma/plateletpheresis procedures per annum including not more than 12 leucapheresis procedures per annum. There should normally be a minimum of 2 weeks between plateletpheresis procedures. There should normally be a minimum of 48 hours between leucapheresis procedures and a donor should not normally undergo more than two procedures within a 7-day period.

Not more than 15 litres of plasma should be donated by one donor in a year.

Not more than 2.4 litres of plasma should be donated by one donor in any 1-month period.

After a whole blood donation, or the loss of an equivalent number of red cells during an apheresis procedure, a donor should not normally donate plasma, platelets or leucocytes for a period of 4 weeks.

3.6.3: Double red cell donations

The interdonation interval for donation of double red cells by apheresis should not be less than 26 weeks (6 months) in the absence of iron supplementation. A shorter interval may be acceptable only if confirmation of iron-replete body stores can be accurately demonstrated and monitored.