JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

Index of Drugs affecting Platelet Function

This index allows the user to identify drugs that can significantly alter platelet function. It may not be completely comprehensive and does not list any other type of drug.

A donation should not be taken for apheresis or pooled platelet production if the donor has taken a drug listed in this index within the previous 48 hours.

These rules do not apply to drugs applied topically as creams or gels. Donors who have used topical products can be accepted for platelets immediately.

Further information can be found at the Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs topic

Acoflam Retard (Diclofenac)
Advil Analgesic Extra Strength (Ibuprofen)
Advil Cold And Sinus (Ibuprofen)
Alka Rapid Crystals Sachets (Aspirin)
Alka-Seltzer XS (Aspirin)
Alka-Seltzer XS Effervescent (Aspirin)
Anadin Analgesic (Aspirin)
Anadin Extra Extra Soluble (Aspirin)
Anadin Ibuprofen
Anadin Maximum Strength (Aspirin)
Anadin Original Soluble (Aspirin)
Anadin Ultra Analgesic (Ibuprofen)
Angettes (Aspirin)
Ansaid (Flurbiprofen)
Aprafen (Ibuprofen)
Apsifen (Ibuprofen)
Arket XL (Ketoprofen)
Arthrofen (Ibuprofen)
Arthrotec (Diclofenac)
Arthroxen (Naproxen)
Asasantin (Aspirin)
Askit Powders (Aspirin)
Aspar Ibuprofen
Aspav (Aspirin)
Aspro (Aspirin)
Aspro C Sachets (Aspirin)
Aspro Clear Cold Relief (Aspirin)
Axorid (Ketoprofen)
Balca Long Acting (Ibuprofen)
Banimax (Aspirin)
Baythrom (Aspirin)
Beecham Calcium Aspirin
Beechams Hot Lemon Blackcurrant (Aspirin)
Beechams Lemon Tablets (Aspirin)
Beechams Powders (Aspirin)
Beechams Powders Tablets (Aspirin)
Berlind (Indometacin)
Boots Period Pain Relief (Naproxen)
Boots Seltzer (Aspirin)
Brexidol Effervescent (Piroxicam)
Brufen (Various Products) (Ibuprofen)
Bucrol Long Acting (Ibuprofen)
Calmafen (Ibuprofen)
Caprin (Aspirin)
Cardiprin (Aspirin)
Cataflam (Diclofenac)
Clinoril (Sulindac)
Clonac (Diclofenac)
Clotam (Tolfenamic Acid)
Co-Codaprin Dispersible (Aspirin)
Codafen Continus (Ibuprofen)
Codis 500 (Aspirin)
Cojene (Aspirin)
Cold And Flu Powders (Aspirin)
Cox Ibuprofen
Cufen-EF (Ibuprofen)
Cuprofen Effervescent (Ibuprofen)
Defenac (Diclofenac)
Dentogen Soluble Effervescent (Ibuprofen)
Dexomon (Diclofenac)
Dicloflex (Diclofenac)
Diclomax (Diclofenac)
Diclo-SR XL (Diclofenac)
Diclovol (Diclofenac)
Diclozip (Diclofenac)
Difenor (Diclofenac)
Disprin 500 (Aspirin)
Disprin Direct Dispersible (Aspirin)
Disprin Dispersible (Aspirin)
Disprin Extra Dispersible (Aspirin)
Disprin Ibuprofen
Disprinex Effervescent (Aspirin)
Dolobid (Diflunisal)
Dolormin (Ibuprofen)
Dristan Decongestant With Antihistamine (Aspirin)
Ebufac (Ibuprofen)
Eccoxolac (Etodolac)
Econac (Diclofenac)
Emflex (Acemetacin)
Enantyum (Dexketoprofen)
Enstar (Diclofenac)
Etolyn (Etodolac)
Etopan (Etodolac)
Extra Power Pain Control (Aspirin)
Extra Power Pain Reliever (Aspirin)
Feldene Dispersible Melt (Piroxicam)
Femaid (Ibuprofen)
Feminax express (Ibuprofen)
Feminax Ultra (Naproxen)
Fenactol Retard (Diclofenac)
Fenbid Biphasic Spansule (Ibuprofen)
Fenopron (Fenoprofen)
Flamasacard (Aspirin)
Flamatak (Diclofenac)
Flamrase (Diclofenac)
Fleximex (Ibuprofen)
Flexin Continus (Indometacin)
Flexotard (Diclofenac)
Froben (Flurbiprofen)
Fynnon Calcium Aspirin
Galpharm Migraine Relief (Ibuprofen)
Galprofen (Ibuprofen)
Hedex (Ibuprofen)
Hypon (Aspirin)
Ibrufhalal (Ibuprofen)
Ibucalm (Ibuprofen)
Ibucaps (Ibuprofen)
Ibufem (Ibuprofen)
Ibular (Ibuprofen)
Ibuscent Effervescent (Ibuprofen)
Icc Analgesic (Aspirin)
Imazin XL Forte (Aspirin)
Indocid (Indometacin)
Indolar (Indometacin)
Indomethacin (Indometacin)
Indomod (Indometacin)
Inflam Tablets (Ibuprofen)
Inoven (Ibuprofen)
Jomethid (Ketoprofen)
Keral (Dexketoprofen)
Ketocid (Ketoprofen)
Ketovail (Ketoprofen)
Ketozip (Ketoprofen)
Ketpron (Ketoprofen)
Lagap Pharms Migraine Relief (Aspirin)
Larafen (Ketoprofen)
Lederfen (Fenbufen)
Lempril (Aspirin)
Lemsip (Max) Flu 12 Hr (Ibuprofen)
Lemsip Cold And Flu Sinus 12 Hr (Ibuprofen)
Lemsip Pharmacy Power+ Granules (Ibuprofen)
Librofem (Ibuprofen)
Lilfen (Ibuprofen)
Lodine Sr (Etodolac)
Lofensaid (Diclofenac)
Maximum Strength Aspro Clear (Aspirin)
Mefenamic Acid
Micropirin EC (Aspirin)
Migra-Aid (Ibuprofen)
Migrafen (Ibuprofen)
Migramax Sachets (Aspirin)
Migravess Effervescent (Aspirin)
Mobic (Meloxicam)
Mobiflex (Tenoxicam)
Mobilan (Indometacin)
Motifene (Diclofenac)
Motrin Migraine (Ibuprofen)
Mr Leslie Aspirin Enteric (Aspirin)
Mr Leslie Ibuprofen
Mrs Cullen's Powders Sachets (Aspirin)
Napratec (Naproxen)
Naprosyn (Naproxen)
Neofenac (Diclofenac)
Nirolex Cold And Flu Relief (Ibuprofen)
Non Drowsy Sudafed Dual Relief Max (Ibuprofen)
Novaprin (Ibuprofen)
Nurofen Back Pain Recovery (Ibuprofen)
Nurofen Cold And Flu Hot Drink Tabs (Ibuprofen)
Nurofen Honey & Lemon Sachets (Ibuprofen)
Nurofen Liquid Caps Micro-Granules (Ibuprofen)
Nurofen Meltlets Migraine Pain Sinus (Ibuprofen)
Nurofen Various Other Preparations (Ibuprofen)
Nurse Sykes Powders (Aspirin)
NU-Seals (Aspirin)
Nycropen (Naproxen)
Oriel (Ibuprofen)
Original Phensic Aspirin
Orudis (Ketoprofen)
Oruvail (Ketoprofen)
Pacifene (Ibuprofen)
Pardelprin (Indometacin)
Phensic (Aspirin)
Phorpain (Ibuprofen)
Ponstan (Mefenamic Acid)
PR (Aspirin)
Preservex (Aceclofenac)
Proflex (Ibuprofen)
Relcofen (Ibuprofen)
Relifex (Nabumetone)
Rheumacin (Indometacin)
Rheumafen (Ibuprofen)
Rheumatac Retard (Diclofenac)
Rheumox (Azapropazone)
Rhumalgan (Diclofenac)
Rimacid (Indometacin)
Rimafen (Ibuprofen)
Roche Pain Relief Sachets (Aspirin)
Seclodin (Ibuprofen)
Seractil (Ibuprofen)
Slofenac (Diclofenac)
Slo-Indo (Indometacin)
Solpafen (Ibuprofen)
Solpaflex (Ibuprofen)
Solprin Dispersible (Aspirin)
Stirlescent (Naproxen)
Strefen Lozenges (Flubiprofen)
Surgam (Tiaprofenic Acid)
Synflex (Naproxen)
Tabcin Effervescent (Aspirin)
Tiaprofenic Acid
Tiloket (Ketoprofen)
Tolfenamic Acid
Toptabs (Aspirin)
Valdic (Diclofenac)
Valket (Ketoprofen)
Vimovo (Naproxen)
Volraman (Diclofenac)
Volsaid (Diclofenac)
Voltarol Several Preparations (Diclofenac)
Vostar (Diclofenac)
Zymed (Diclofenac)