JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

Donor Selection Guidelines Definitions

The Donor Selection Guidelines contain general terminology which for the purpose of these guidelines have been earmarked with a specific definition by the Joint Professional Advisory Committee (JPAC). The definition of these terms are listed below.

Donor Selection Guideline(s). These include:
Bone Marrow and Peripheral Bone Stem Cell DSG
Cord Blood DSG
Deceased Donors – Tissue DSG
Geographical Disease Risk Index
Live Donors – Tissue DSG
Whole Blood and Components DSG

Is any of the following:

  • Edition - Embodies extensive revisions of that DSG.Is applied to all formats.
  • Release - Embodies changes following the issue of a 'Change Notification Letter'. Is applied to all formats.
  • Issue - Embodies technical changes to the web pages and/or other formats which do not involve a change in the medical or scientific content of the guideline(s).

Each DSG can be published in various formats:
Website pages, Portable Document File (PDF), off-line browser files, Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) files. Not all versions shall have all formats at any one time.

"On-line" editing
Editing of DSG content over the internet by use of the UKBTS Content Management System (CMS).

"Off-line" editing
Editing of DSG content by any means other than on-line e.g. on paper, in spreadsheet, word processor, text editor.

DSG Topic
A DSG Topic is the heading of an entry in the A-Z listing.
Each Topic represents a medical disease, condition or risk.

DSG Page
These are all web pages that are not DSG Topics e.g. introduction and appendices. They are standard web pages that happen to be part of that DSG.

CMS Topic
(Further explanation: Each Topic is the page title for an entry in the alphabetical A-Z listing and appears in the grey left hand menu lists. Most topics are common to all DSG but some appear only in a subset of DSG)

CMS page
See DSG page

Edition Date
Is the date of the web publication of a new Edition – regardless of format.

Release Date
Is the date of the web publication of a new Release – regardless of format.

Issue Date
Is the date of the web publication of a new Issue – regardless of format

Date of posting
Is the date on which source files are posted on this website. Applies to all formats.