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Source Files

1. Portable Document File (PDF)

These files are the source files for printed copies of the guidelines. UK Services can issue printed controlled copies but control of such copies shall be the responsibility of each service. JPAC shall ensure that any changes to the website shall be equally applied to the PDF version but JPAC shall not be responsible for informing individual users of changes to the files.

Please read our conditions of use and note that implementation dates for each Guideline may vary between the 4 UK Services. Please consult your relevant Service (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland or Wales) for details of implementation dates.

Files available:

All downloads below are Edition 203 of the Bone Marrow and Peripheral Blood Stem Cell Donor Selection Guidelines and include changes notified through change notifications.

Complete version of latest release:
This version is the latest complete and up to date version. Page numbering of release 01 has been maintained when changes were introduced. Where additional pages were required, the original page number is followed by pages including a supplementary suffix.

Version Posted on this website Release live
BM-DSG Edition 203 Release 55 Issue 01 02 April 2024 18 April 2024


Last updated 18/04/2024