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Presentations from “IN-UTERO AND BEYOND” at Birmingham Children’s Hospital on 28 APRIL 2017

From In Utero and Beyond Programme  – 1 page -19 KB

From In Utero and Beyond Flyer – 1 page - 435 KB

TACO Presentation – Karen Cooper – 2 MB

Child of a JW Patient – Dr Marita Macken 273 KB

“A DAY AT THE MOVIES” (Wednesday 02 November 2016)


See links which appeared on the day:-

Iron absorption and utilisation -

Choosing wisely parody -

Blood supply chain -

Bringing our work to life -

SHOT haemovigilance webinar -

Para-athlete recipient -

Donor video - 

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Jamie Moore -

Management of Bleeding in the Medical Patient
WALSALL MANOR HOSPITAL, Wednesday 11 May 2016

Anti Coags & Platelets 1
Anti Coags & Platelets 2
Iron Therapy 
Lab Investigations 
SHOT Presentation 
Transfusion Triggers 1
Transfusion Triggers 2
NCA Presentation 
GI Bleed Presentation 
The Medical Use of Blood

TP Conference "How Do We Solve A Problem Like Anaemia"
 George Eliot Hospital 13 July 2015

Welcome (1 slide, pdf 40KB)

Final programme How Do You Solve A Problem Like Anaemia 


Lessons from SHOT (22 slides, pdf 430KB)

RCN IDA Guidance (29 slides, pdf 1MB)

SaBATO Guidance for Clinical Staff (2 slides, pdf 47KB)

HLC How to Conserve Blood (13 slides, pdf  941KB)

Anaemia Management Putting it into Practice (36 slides, pdf 2MB)

Singled Out by UHCW @ GEH (20 slides, pdf 2MB)

Summary of PBM Results (1 slide, pdf 954KB)

Major Trauma Presentation (7 slides, pdf 954KB)

Major Trauma Presentation Case 1 (7 slides, pdf 950KB)

Major Trauma Presentation Case 2 (10 slides, pdf 589KB)

Major Trauma Presentation Case 3 (10 slides, pdf 774KB)

Major Trauma Presentation Case 4 (4 slides, pdf 558KB)

Walsall Manor Hospital Workshop 18 June 2015

PBM Survey (18 slides, 366KB)

PBM In Action (28 slides, 2MB)

PIL - What is Anaemia (8 slides, 1MB)

Workshop Reportage (4 slides, 28KB)

An Inspector Calls workshop 3 July 2014

A UKAS experience: James Taylor (7 slides, pdf 336KB)

Wrong blood in tube: Andrea Harris  (35 slides, pdf 287KB)

BMT RCA: Jane Tidman (16 slides, 289KB)

ABO incompatible transfusion: Mike Herbert (9 slides, pdf 256KB)

Root Cause Analysis ABO error: Fred Goddard (7 slides pdf 687KB)

Obstetrics Study Day 19 May 2014

Anaemia in pregnancy and maternity: Salini Patni (pdf 2.39MB, 46 slides)

Directed/related cord blood collectionby NHSBT: Jacqui Thompson (pdf 1.34KB, 17 slides)

Haemolytic disease of the foetus and new born: R Anand (pdf 2.51MB, 49 slides)

Patient blood management: Andrea Harris (pdf 2.19MB, 35 slides)

Anti-D the 2012 SHOT report and more: Tony Davies (pdf 1MB, 39 slides)

Slaying Dragons workshop 15 July 2013

Change in theory - how to lead change: Alan Nobbs (pdf 2.27MB, 33 slides)


Presentations from previous events are available from Suzy Biggs

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