JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee


North West Transfer Policy

Procedure for the transfer of blood and blood components between hospitals. This document seeks to standardise the procedures for the transfer of blood and components between hospitals in the North West region. It is intended as a general guide to encompass practices for all users. Hospitals are encouraged to add local protocols to the policy where appropriate but not to detract from the practives outlined in this document.

North West Transfer Policy (Word doc, 1.07MB)

Shared Care of Special Requirements

A pilot in which two shared care Trusts trialled the blood transfusion special requirements form (Word doc 40KB) to help reduce errors was unsuccessful. However, the form may be used internally to improve communication between clinical areas and the transfusion laboratory to reduce errors associated with 'Special Requirements Not Met'.  For further information please contact Jayne Addison

Massive Haemorrhage Toolkit

This third version of the toolkit was produced by the guidelines group of the North West Regional Transfusion Committee. The group will reconvene if further high quality evidence becomes available and will review the toolkit in January 2015. Read more...

Thromboelastography/Thromboelastometry Toolkit

Thromboelastography/Thromboelastometry (TE) is a recognised point-of-care coagulation assessment technique that is suitable for use in the elective and emergency surgical setting in a wide variety of specialities. A toolkit to support TE implementation in Trusts has been developed by a working group of the North West RTC. Read more...