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Presentations from Educational Events

Patient Blood Management for Anaesthetists 20 November 2015

Where are we up to with PBM implementation in England?: Dr Kate Pendry (pdf 2MB, 17 slides)

Transfusion errors and incidents in Critcal Care & Theatres – lessons from SHOT:  Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs (pdf 2MB, 48 slides)

Critical Care Blood Transfusion Triggers: Dr Tushar Mahambrey (pdf 3MB, 25 slides)

Patient Blood Management - Progress in the North West 14 November 2014

Anaemia, optimisation and iron deficiency: Claire Atterbury (pdf 2MB, 34 slides)

Establishing a pre-op anaemia optimisation pathway for cardiac patients: Erica Bates (pdf 1MB, 27 slides)

Leeds: written consent for transfusion: Fran Hartley (pdf 2MB, 34 slides)

The impact of thromboelastography (TEG) on the decision making process of anaesthetists in a non cardiac surgical setting: Rashitha Wilwera Arachchige (pdf 2 MB, 25 slides)

Jehovah's Witness support for PBM: Tom Gregory and Mike Lancaster (pdf 1MB, 10 slides)

The presentations by Kate Pendry and Craig Carroll are available from Jane Murphy

North West RTC education event 'Blood Transfusion - Reactions, Risks and Reporting' 2 May 2014

Presentations available from Jane Murphy


Educational Presentations

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