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Presentations from Educational Events

Presentations from “Blood Matters”

The importance of patient identification and obtaining consent Pdf 2.02 MB

Administration of blood components pdf 717KB

Alternatives to blood transfusion 1 pdf 177 KB

Alternatives to blood transfusion 2 pdf 2.04 MB

Groups and Antibodies pdf 396 KB

NCA of blood transfusion pdf 56 KB

NMA of blood products pdf 113 KB

Transfusion reactions pdf 409 KB


Blood transfusion: What now? What if? What next?”

HEV Dr. Fiona Regan (16 slides 480 KB)
BCSH platelet guidelines Dr Lise Estcourt (33 slides 975KB)
NICE guidelines for Trauma Stephen Wiltshire (22 slides 880 KB)
SHOT and Human Error Dr Paula Bolton-Maggs (44 slides 1.83 MB)
Transfusion in a paperless hospital Caroline Hough (32 slides 1.05MB)
Implementation of the NICE guidelines on transfusion: Dr Debbie O’Hare (10 slides 420 KB)
Consent and capacity Rebekah Ley (19 slides 360 KB)
NHSBT R & D strategy Dr. Nick Watkins (20 slides 1.6 MB)

Mum's Babies and Blood June 2016

Groups and Antibodies; Debbie Asher 
Obstetric Haemorrhage: Jim Bamber
Haemolytic Disease of the Newborn: Burak Salgin
Anaemia in Pregnancy: Claire Atterbury

The Challenges and Successes of Patient Blood Management
15 October 2015

Laboratory empowerment (pdf 700KB, 29 slides)
Consent and barriers to delivery (pdf 1.69MB, 23 slides)
Multi-disciplinary PBM committee (pdf 584KB, 15 slides)
Post operative and discharge pathways (pdf 1.06MB, 26 slides)
Setting up anaemia management (pdf 1.47MB, 32 slides)
SHOT and TACO (pdf 460KB, 25 slides)
Single unit pilot (pdf 432 KB, 19 slides)

Restrictive blood sampling by Dr Nicola Jones
Extending the care pathway for iron deficient patients by Joanne Hoyle
Platelet Management by Frances Sear and Renal anaemia and the use of erythropoietin by Dr Mike Almond are all available from Jane O'Brien


Educational Presentations

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