JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

National Blood Transfusion Committee Collaborations

The National Blood Transfusion Committee (NBTC) collaborates with several organisations to improve blood transfusion practice and the appropriate use of blood.

Advisory Committee on the Safety of Blood, Tissues and Organs (SaBTO)

SaBTO advises UK ministers and health departments on the most appropriate ways to ensure the safety of blood, cells, tissues and organs for transfusion / transplantation.

National Comparative Audit of Blood Transfusion

The NBTC is a key stakeholder in the National Comparative Audit of Blood Transfusion programme organised by NHSBT and the Royal College of Physicians.

NHS Blood and Transplant (NHSBT)

NHSBT sends a monthly communication, The Update, to Transfusion Laboratory Managers, Transfusion Practitioners, Consultant Haematologists with responsibility for transfusion and Chairs of HTCs in hospitals served by the NHSBT.

Serious Hazards of Transfusion (SHOT)

The SHOT scheme is a confidential, anonymised scheme for the collection and analysis of adverse events to transfusion. The NBTC is involved in the implementation of SHOT's recommendations for safe transfusion practice.