JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

List of tables


Table 2.1 Distribution of ABO blood groups and antibodies  
Table 2.2 Choice of group of red cells, platelets, fresh frozen plasma
(FFP) and cryoprecipitate according to recipient’s ABO group
Table 3.1 Red cells in additive solution  
Table 3.2 Platelets from pooled buffy coats  
Table 3.3 Platelets from apheresis donation  
Table 3.4 Fresh frozen plasma  
Table 3.5 Solvent detergent plasma (Octaplas®)  
Table 3.6 Cryoprecipitate  
Table 3.7 Buffy coat (granulocytes)  
Table 3.8 Granulocytes pooled buffy coat derived in additive solution
and plasma
Table 3.9 Apheresis granulocytes  
Table 4.1 Safe blood administration  
Table 4.2 Blood component administration to adults (doses and
transfusion rates are for guidance only and depend on
clinical indication)
Table 5.1 Investigation of moderate or severe acute transfusion reactions 48
Table 5.2 Comparison of TRALI and TACO
Table 5.3 Estimated risk per million blood donations of hepatitis B
virus, hepatitis C virus and HIV entering the blood supply
due to the window period of tests in use, UK 2010–2012
Table 5.4 Confirmed viral transfusion-transmitted infections, number of
infected recipients and outcomes reported to UK Blood
Services 1996–2012
Table 6.1 Licensed indications and summary of dosage
recommendations for the major erythropoiesis stimulating
agents used in blood conservation
Table 7.1 Platelet transfusion thresholds in surgery and
invasive procedures
Table 7.2 Perioperative management of warfarin anticoagulation  
Table 7.3 Perioperative management of patients on heparins  
Table 7.4 Suggested indications for platelet transfusion in adult
critical care
Table 7.5 Options for fibrinogen replacement  
Table 8.1 Normal adult haemoglobins  
Table 8.2 Indications for red cell transfusion in acute complications
of sickle cell disease
Table 8.3 Possible indications for elective red cell transfusion in
severe sickle cell disease
Table 8.4 Causes of platelet refractoriness  
Table 8.5 Categories of ABO-incompatible HSC transplant  
Table 8.6 Recommended ABO blood group of components
transfused in the early post-transplant period
Table 8.7 Indications for irradiated cellular blood components in
haemato-oncology patients
Table 8.8 High-priority (‘red’) indications for intravenous
immunoglobulin – an adequate evidence base and
potentially life-saving
Table 8.9 'Blue’ indications for intravenous immunoglobulin –
a reasonable evidence base but other treatment options
are available
Table 9.1 Screening for maternal red cell alloantibodies in pregnancy  
Table 9.2 Anti-D Ig for potentially sensitising events in pregnancy  
Table 10.1 Red cell component for IUT  
Table 10.2 Platelets for intrauterine transfusion  
Table 10.3 Red cells for neonatal exchange transfusion  
Table 10.4 Summary of BCSH recommendations for neonataltop‑up transfusions  
Table 10.5 Approximate capillary Hb transfusion thresholds used for
‘restrictive’ transfusion policies in studies evaluated by the
Cochrane Review
Table 10.6 Red cells for small-volume transfusion of neonates and infants  
Table 10.7 Suggested transfusion thresholds for neonatal prophylactic platelet transfusion (exlucing NAIT)  
Table 11.1 ASFA Category I indications for therapeutic plasma
exchange (first-line therapy based on strong
research evidence)
Table 11.2 ASFA Category II indications for therapeutic plasma
exchange (established second-line therapy)