JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee


Quality Audit Preparation


Training of laboratory staff




Any person involved in the process this may include:

  • Training Officer
  • Training supervisor
  • Blood Bank staff BMS or MLA
  • On Call staff
  • Trainees

Initial preparation:

SOP for the process is it:

  • Specific
  • In date
  • Appropriately signed/authorised by an authorised signatory
  • Official copy
  • Regularly reviewed
  • Comply with National and Local guidelines


  • Library with appropriate journals
  • Quiet study area
  • Funds for attending conferences

Additional Evidence required:

  1. Documented training records
  2. Training officer with adequate training for this post
  3. Training records and competency assessments/competency of trainers
  4. Document control
  5. Evidence of mandatory training
  6. Evidence of induction to cover H&S, Patient confidentiality, Data protection, Caldicott regulations, GMP, Occ Health, Salaries and wages, terms and conditions of employment, sickness policy, staff facilities
  7. Evidence of PDP
  8. Evidence of Personal review process
  9. Evidence of tutorial programmes


  1. Observation
  2. Questions
  3. Knowledge assessment
  4. Objective evidence
  5. Have staff been trained in accordance with lab procedures?

Additional requirements: