JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

Equipment maintenance

Quality Audit Preparation


Equipment maintenance


Blood bank – all areas


Any person working in this area, this may include:-

  • Blood bank staff BMS or BSW
  • On call staff

Initial preparation:

Is the SOP for the process:-

  • Specific
  • In date
  • Appropriately signed & authorised by an authorised signatory
  • Complete list of all equipment
  • Official copy
  • Links to COSHH / Risk Assessments / SOP
  • Regularly reviewed

Additional Evidence required:

  1. Document control
  2. Calibration records / certificates
  3. Calibration records of external contractors
  4. In house daily / weekly maintenance records
  5. External service records
  6. Service contracts
  7. Instrument fault logs
  8. Evidence of decontamination certificates prior to service.


  1. Observation
  2. Knowledge assessment
  3. Objective evidence

Additional requirements:

If applicable for certain equipment:

  1. QC records
  2. Validation of equipment
  3. Temperature charts

(See Additional Evidence Required)