JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

Collection - automated

Quality Audit Preparation


Collection of blood from issue fridges – automated


Pathology Issue fridge

Satellite issue fridges


  • Senior members of BMS staff
  • IT staff
  • Staff collecting from fridge

Initial preparation:

SOP for the process is it:

  • Specific
  • In date
  • Authorised
  • Controlled document
  • Regularly reviewed

Computer log/tracking log

Additional Evidence required:

  1. Training records and competency assessments
  2. Completed blood collection form for each unit collected
  3. Transport
  4. Time to transport blood from IF to ward
  5. Return of blood to IF


  1. Observation of process
  2. Questions
  3. Knowledge assessment

Additional requirements:

  1. Area for collection is clean and tidy.
  2. Temperature of issue fridge monitored 24/7 by switchboard.
  3. Thermograph working.
  4. Evidence of regular data logging and confirmation of calibration.
  5. Handwritten blood collection forms for Porters available.
  6. Blood register available as manual backup in the event of a computer failure.
  7. Return of unused units