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Introduction to the the North East BMS Competencies Initiative

Education and Training – Blood Safety and Quality Regulations

Regulation 9 (1) (a) requires hospitals to ensure the provision of specific, regularly updated training to staff involved in the testing, storage and distribution of blood components. Training records must also be available for all staff; including staff working outside of core hours and temporary staff.

  • There should be documentary evidence that training has been performed
  • Each Individual should have a training record, which should form part of their personal portfolio.
  • Training should be task based and records should include e.g. date of training, details of task/procedure, procedure reference number, details of all staff trained to undertake the task, details of the trainer and a training review date
  • Individual training records should contain copies of any assessment criteria and certificates of training or competence when they have been provided

Training and associated competency assessments have been identified as a key area of concern. This area requires a significant amount of work, which is particularly difficult for small laboratories where the task may fall to one individual. The benefits of a collaborative approach are obvious. A small group of volunteers from the North East worked together to produce a series of templates in a Word™ format that could be easily modified to suit individual requirements. A CD has been produced incorporating all the documents etc. It is intended that this work may be linked with KSF, personal portfolios and CPD to prevent duplication. The fruits of this effort were submitted to the MHRA who have agreed that it meets their requirements for the Regulations.

Included on the CD are:-

  • Wall poster listing the elements to be completed for each process
  • Quizzes with answers based on current guidelines
  • Certificates
  • Competency record for different processes

These can be adapted for individual hospitals/Trusts

Examples are available for downloads: please click the links below:

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