JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

Terms of Reference

European Blood Directive
NHS Operational Impact Working Group

Terms of Reference
  1. To consider and make recommendations to Departments of Health and the UK Blood Services on:

    1. Whether the scope of extant requirements on hospital blood banks reflects the minimum requirements of the directive.

    2. Any improvements to current arrangements with regard to systems of accreditation, ‘traceability’ and ‘adverse incident reporting’, any additional arrangements necessary, in order to enhance the provision of assurance and deliver improvements in patient outcomes.

Scope of Work
  1. Assessing the impact of the directive on hospital transfusion processes, including a status assessment of current practice and, in relation to the issues in paragraph 1(ii) above, producing a prioritised action plan for improvement. The plan should reflect any differences between the UK countries and if necessary incorporate interim measures.

  2. Assessing the potential resource implications including IT, identifying where in the NHS the costs fall and consider how these might be funded.

  3. To liaise and communicate with all relevant interested parties, including the Transfusion Committee network.

  4. Deliver recommendations on part (i) of the terms of reference by August 2004 and on part (ii) by February 2005