JPAC Joint United Kingdom (UK) Blood Transfusion and Tissue Transplantation Services Professional Advisory Committee

22.16: Disposal of haemopoietic progenitor cells

  • Appropriate prospective consent for discard should have been obtained. Prior to collection there shall be a written agreement between the processing facility and the donor defining the length of storage and circumstances for disposal or transfer of cellular therapy products to an alternative facility.
  • The medical director/advisor of the processing facility, in consultation with the patient’s transplant physician, must approve of component discard and method of disposal.
  • There must be written documentation of the recipient’s death or no further need for any component before it is discarded. Written instructions from the transplant physician should be obtained. The records for discarded components must indicate the component discarded, date of discard and method of disposal.
  • The method of disposal and decontamination must meet the UK laws, current codes, rules and regulations for disposal of biohazardous materials.